Forest Road Stor-All (FRS) is pleased to provide you with the solution to your storage needs at a competitive rate.  Our storage area is a fully fenced, drive in facility with a key card lock gate system.

All tenants are required to complete a "Storage Rental Agreement" prior to occupancy. This agreement will be in effect from the day of signing along with receipt of the first monthly payment. Our preferred method of payment is by credit card (left for processing each month or by post-dated cheques made payable to The Stratford Antique Warehouse. Monthly payment is due on or before the anniversary of the rental agreement. FRS does not issue monthly statements or invoices.

A one time, refundable security deposit of $30.00 is required at time of signing the rental agreement.

TENANTS ARE REQUIRED to use anti-cut knuckle locks to secure storage unit doors.  These locks are for sale at The Antique Warehouse.


One access card is provided.  Additional cards or replacement cards are available for a $10.00 deposit.  When you no longer require the storage we ask that 5 days notice prior to you next billing date. A vacating notice form is available from the Forest Road Stor-All. Storage is for "storage" only.


No maintenance work is to be performed in said storage. There is no hydro and perishables are not permitted.